Working with Summit Airworks has been fantastic. The company does an exceptional job addressing our specific needs, that also match our companies budget. From pricing to accountability, Brenton and Pat have been great to work with.

Jonathan Modrow, Co-Owner of Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co.

I highly recommend Summit Airworks to anyone who is looking for a quality HVAC company. Attention to detail, sense of urgency, constant communication, dedication and honesty are the qualities that elevate Summit Airworks above their competition. I have been in the HVAC business for over 10 years, and Summit Airworks is by far the best in the Sacramento area. The crew is dedicated to providing top notch customer service and are true masters in their field.

Zhenya Larkin, The Evergreen Company

I wanted to take a moment to thank Summit Airworks for the great services. I have been in the HVAC industry for 30 years and have had many challenging experiences with other service technicians and companies. Working with Summit Airworks has been a pleasure. As a contactor and business owner of 20+ years, I recognize the challenges we face on a daily basis. I applaud you on doing such a good job in your service delivery.

Derek Smiley, Derek Smiley Heating and Air

I am very impressed with this company!! Specifically with Chris, he is a man of his word!
You cannot find a more honest and professional company!! Great work and if you have a problem they will work until they resolve the issue.

Irma D.

Thank you Summit Airworks for all your hard work. I want to speak about the fine job the company has done. Patrick was extremely helpful and informative in showing me how to operate my thermostats. He took the time out of his day to make sure I understood my system completely. Also, the project coordinator, Teresa is very friendly and considerate of our needs. She has been consistent in making sure our service needs are handled in a timely manner.

Charlotte Belton

Kyle Nelson at Summit Airworks was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. It is evident that the company uses only experienced, clean and qualified service technicians. It is a privilege to be their tenant, and always a positive experience working with their team.

Matthew McGoldrick, V.P. of Sales/Marketing for Wright & Kimbrough Insurance

Summit Airworks is a blessing. They are polite, professional, and willing to answer any questions that I may have. During the time I have been with BT Builders, there has never been a company more pleasant to work with. Summit Airworks is the only HVAC company that I can truly say I have never had any issues with.

Gary, BT Builders Inc.

Summit Airworks is a very professional company servicing the commercial needs of customers and when it comes to the best interest of their customers they have it. They are loyal, honest and very dependable.

Hef H.

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