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Heating and Air Installation & Replacement Services

Looking for Award-Winning Commercial HVAC Contractors?

Summit Airworks is a leader among commercial HVAC contractors in the Greater Sacramento region.

When businesses and builders in the Sacramento area need fast, dependable HVAC services, they call Summit Airworks. Since 2005, Summit Airworks has been known for our competent and courteous service, working tirelessly to stay on top of the latest innovations in heating and air to provide comfortable workplaces that are both ecological and economical.

Commercial and Industrial HVAC Systems Installation

Summit Airworks is a proud provider of quality commercial and industrial HVAC installation services in the Greater Sacramento, CA region for all different types of equipment. Reliability, energy efficiency, ventilation and life-cycle costs are among the many factors to consider when designing or re-engineering your industrial HVAC environment. We specialize in the design, installation and service of industrial HVAC process and comfort systems allowing you to maximize production while providing an environment conducive to comfort.

Whether you need help installing a smaller piece of air conditioning and heating equipment or a cooling tower, give us a call.

“Summit Airworks is a very professional company servicing the commercial needs of customers and when it comes to the best interest of their customers they have it. They are loyal, honest and very dependable.”

Holly G. (Lincoln, CA)

Commercial and Industrial HVAC Replacement Services

Your commercial business relies on effective heating and cooling all year long. Our summers in the Greater Sacramento region are absolutely scalding, and our winter can bring about a lot more chill than outsiders might imagine. This means your HVAC system has to be top-class and able to perform at all times. When your system begins to lose efficiency or can no longer meet your comfort needs, you require the aid of trusted, certified, and expertly skilled HVAC professionals.

The Summit Airworks commercial and industrial HVAC replacement experts are uniquely qualified to design and install your heating and cooling and replacement needs. Our certified and licensed team are experienced professionals who handled flawless replacement services for commercial businesses throughout Sacramento, CA and beyond, for over a decade. We work with the industry’s best HVAC suppliers, and put our extensive experience into practice in order to secure your business against the worst our desert-like weather can produce. Getting the job done, and done perfectly, is simply the way we do business.

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