Proactiveness Saves Money

Service and Maintenance Plan

Maintain Today, Reduce Fees Tomorrow

As a property manager or owner, you understand the importance of a fully functioning HVAC system. Whether your building’s heating system isn’t reliably keeping your employees or customers warm against the bitter cold outside or your building’s cooling system is struggling to maintain the comfort in your building—you need Summit Airworks. Our team has been providing commercial HVAC services to your Greater Sacramento area neighbors for over 12 years! If you’re looking for an easy way to ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently year round, you need to consider a commercial maintenance agreement.

In the Greater Sacramento region, the weather can be unpredictable. If HVAC maintenance is neglected, you spend more on utility costs and major repairs. Your equipment may break down when you need it the most. When maintenance is neglected, it will void your warranty. Worst of all, neglected maintenance may put your building’s occupants safety at risk.

Maintenance Inclusions

Our Commercial Maintenance Agreements are a proactive approach to Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC). Proper maintenance saves your business money and keeps your tenants and employees comfortable.

It also provides:

  • Emergency service guarantees

  • Minimization of downtime

  • Longer lasting equipment

  • Priority service scheduling

  • Reduced labor rates

  • Reduced energy consumption through improved equipment efficiency

  • Optimized building performance and comfort

  • Protection for your equipment investment

  • Reduced operating costs

Summit Airworks Service Professionals

“Highly Trained Experienced Professionals” best describes our Service Department. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and longevity in the business to be proficient in all facets of system management. Commercial, Industrial, Residential, including specialized areas like Historic Buildings; our Service Department provides the maintenance necessary to ensure the best, most efficient, cost-saving system for our customers.

We provide weekly educational service programs for all technicians to ensure their education is always relevant and up to date. Each team member is refrigerant certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. The E.P.A certifications illustrate the staff is aware of and possess a basic understanding of the principles behind energy conservation and how it relates to the heating and cooling industry. Summit issues a combined effort for energy management, as they work with local electric utility systems in obtaining rebates for clients.

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